Here at Cloud Blvd, we understand how important it is to feel confident and comfortable in everyday life. From the lingerie you wear to the people you surround yourself with, we want you feeling your best self everyday. So we have put together some handy tips for building confidence and practising mindfulness in your day to day life.


1 - Be kind to yourself. 

We know, as our first tip, this seems obvious. Allowing kindness for yourself isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Kindness, in theory, should be unconditional. Allowing space for missteps, accidents and grace in moments that didn’t really go to plan. An easy way to think of this is to take a step back, think of the hurtful things you tell yourself in moments of stress and sadness, would you ever say it to someone you care about? If not, why would you say them to yourself? Being kind to yourself is one of the easiest ways to build confidence and is incredibly valuable for mindfulness too. 

2 - You’re not responsible for your first thought but you are responsible for your second.

Leading on from our last tip, everyone's brain says scary things sometimes and as hard as we try, we can’t actually control our first reactions. Based on the writings of roman philosopher Seneca, this little mantra allows you to bring some of the things your brain tells you into perspective. We all have moments of misunderstanding or feeling overwhelmed, confidence is based on the way you react to these feelings. Taking a breath and rerouting your brain towards something positive as opposed to feeding into negative or heavy thoughts means you break out of the past cycle that’s pulling you down and step into a more compassionate present.

3 - Take up space. 

In today’s world it’s easy to shrink, to feel small. Growing confidence involves not shrinking yourself whether it be physically or mentally. You deserve to exist fully and express yourself to your full potential. Focus on relaxing into uncomfortable moments and allowing the discomfort to drive you. Build confidence in the discomfort, allow yourself to grow and expand as you deserve. 

4 - Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous and comfortable. 

Another tip that almost goes without saying, oftentimes looking good makes you feel good. If it's a special occasion or everyday wear, feeling comfortable and well presented is essential to creating confidence. The way a person carries themselves will tell you a lot about how they feel in that moment. We know that often what you put under your clothes is as important as what you put on, feeling sexy and confident in your body is equally as important.  So, dress up or down, in a gown or in lingerie - try it in cloudblvd. style.

5 - Allow yourself to feel silly and uninhibited. 

This is a big one that ties into tip #3. It’s all about letting go and relaxing. Try to do things that let you relax properly, to make fun of yourself. When we take ourselves too seriously the stakes can get very high very fast. Try to add moments into your days of silliness, dance in your bedroom, sing in the car. Give yourself moments of freedom to be yourself. We worry a lot about how we are perceived, these moments remind us that we are human and that other people's perceptions do not define us.

6 - Move your body. 

This one may be, again, a little self explanatory but - move. The confidence will come from the joy our body gets from exercise, feeling happy and secure in yourself. Get moving, no matter what it is. Exercise is good for your brain and your body. The endorphins you get from even a little movement is so valuable. It doesn’t have to be going to the gym 3 times a week. You can try pilates, yoga, pole dancing, even put “just dance” on the tv and give that a go. Take your dog out for a walk or put on a fun podcast and get your steps in. It’s simple and the benefits are undeniable. 

7 - Focus on what you can control. 

Our final tip, leaning into the mindfulness side. Confidence comes from clarity and calm. We all can get caught up in the whirlwind of life. The balance of work, social life, social media, exercise, sleep, eating. There seems to be not enough hours in the day sometimes. The best way to ground yourself and provide yourself with some perspective is to focus on what you can control. What, in the moment you are in right now, can you control? (Hint: It’s often helpful to write these down!) Start small and stay realistic. Some examples are: What you are going to eat, whether you are wearing something comfortable, if you’re listening to some nice music, if you light a nice smelling candle. Hopefully with a bit of time, you can bring more focus on the task at hand and allow yourself to be more present.