Bridal Lingerie - The traditional and the not

Weddings are surrounded by tradition, whether it be religious, superstitious or all of the above. Finding where you and your partner fit (or don’t fit) into the boxes is often the hard part. Picking which traditions will be upheld at your wedding and which ones won’t can be as tedious and stressful as planning the wedding itself. We are hoping to take some stress out of one of the extra fun parts of your wedding. 

Traditional vs non-traditional wedding lingerie.

Lingerie has had a long and rich history in relation to weddings and more importantly, brides. Bridal lingerie has symbolised many things throughout history from beginning as functional and evolving quickly into fashionable. No matter the symbol, the underwear you wear at your wedding will be part of some life long memories, in sickness and health, for better or worse ;). 

Here at Cloudblvd. we want shopping for the lingerie you wear at your wedding, on your wedding night and throughout your honeymoon to be an exciting treat amongst the stress.  

Before we begin with our recommendations let’s start with a quick breakdown of types of lingerie you can choose from: 

There is the typical bra set (bra, suspender & bottoms) or you could opt for a slight twist & perhaps go for a bustier or corset (usually with boning or long line). For something a little sweeter there are always cami’s and baby dolls ( think slip dress with more flare and flirtiness) and we can’t forget about our teddies ( an unforgettable one piece/bodysuit moment). Top it all off with a silky robe and you’ll have a full arsenal of beautiful underwear for one of the most memorable times of your life.

We understand that all brides are different and, of course, have their own style, taste and preferences. So with this in mind we will split our recommendations up into 3 areas. 

  • Wedding day - things to wear during your special day 
  • Wedding night - Spicing it up for a special night
  • For the honeymoon - out there and special, the time for trying something new

Our #1 tip when deciding which category you fit into, is to avoid deciding. You can fit into one or both of these categories and honestly being open to both is the best way to go ;) 

Our traditional picks:

Now for the traditional route, we are thinking white, floral, lacey. All the most classic things that come to mind when you think bridal. In the realm of sweet and feminine to make you feel your most beautiful soft and modern self.


Wedding day: (from left to right)


Wedding night: (from left to right)


Cami & robe picks: (from left to right)


Honey-moon: (from left to right)


Our Non-Traditional Picks:

For our non-traditional side, we are thinking minimalistic, mesh and striking patterns. We know it can be scary sometimes to stray from tradition but don’t forget it can also be fun. Dip into some spicy and very non-traditional pieces. Welcome to the wild side :) 


Wedding day: (from left to right) 


Wedding night: (from left to right)


Luxe: (from left to right)


Honey moon: (from left to right)

Additional fun:

Check out our bondage section.

Our final suggestion:

If you haven’t already looked into it, boudoir photo shoots make a wonderful sensual gift for your partner to remember the day by. Meeting up with a trusted photographer and having an intimate photoshoot of you dressed down in beautiful lingerie is a creative and private way for you to show love and share in a touching moment together. Boudoir photoshoots are also special for you, feeling beautiful and sexy is invaluable and an opportunity like a photoshoot is a perfect reminder. Below are a few pieces that are ideal for this kind of shoot, you can also have a squiz at the ‘boudoir’ section on our website. 


Boudoir Shoot: (from left to right)

Extra Ideas:


Whatever you choose we're certain you'll be glamorous and glorious. 

Lots of love,

CB xx