Always the picture of effortless elegance, we catch up with Yagan Jill in the comfort of her home. She gives us insight into her daily life, her personal lingerie style and her charming personality all the while looking chic in her favourite new pieces from our latest drop...


3 emojis that describe me best
🦄 🤔 🍔

A typical day in my life

When I’m not studying interior decor and design, I spend my spare days working alongside brands, creating engaging content, attending shoots, replying to emails and funnest of all, sending customised decks to brands!

The perfect date would include

A surprise trip on an hour or so drive into the country or a quiet coastal nook. Add to this a night's stay and a beautiful scenic dinner. Oh and of course… a Cloud Blvd set.

Your go to coffee order

Believe me when I say, I have never had a cup of coffee before other than a small sip... Of course I was dismissive of the bitter taste. I’m more of a tea girl.

If you were a dessert, you would be...

At this current moment, I am eating an almond Magnum. It would be rude to say I’d be anything else. It's my current addiction. I’m surprised this hasn't turned literal.

When do you feel most adventurous?

On date nights. A good power dynamic is a turn on and addictive. 

In what ways do you use lingerie to reflect your personal style?

I love incorporating lingerie with my outerwear by pairing it with an oversized blazer or a white blouse! And I love black lingerie. It’s dark, sexy and mysterious. I feel like this is my aura.

Yagan wears:

Frieda Corset

Leonie Set 

Laurent Robe 

Your favourite lingerie moment in film?

Sophia Loren in the Millionairess. Is this 50’s, is this 60’s? Whatever era this is, it’s hot!

My celebrity best friend would have to be...

Dj Khaled. C’mon … this man is hilarious. He also has a chef. Could you imagine all the amazing food and entertainment he provides? He is always so happy and doesn’t take everything so seriously.