Cloud Blvd Lingerie Sydney Australia

Own enough lingerie?

Nobody ever does - but everybody should.

That’s our mantra & that’s why we’re here! Not to worry, because our 100% Australian owned & operated team of lingerie-obsessed fanatics are here to the rescue. But before we begin ...

*Lingerie label disclaimer ...

You’ve been warned. We are not just a lingerie shop in Sydney CBD or an online retailer for women’s underwear and intimates. We don’t just curate and release new and sexy (af) lingerie sets (in fact, our pieces are made by lingerie lovers for lingerie lovers intended to fuel worldwide lingerie addiction).

And may we add, with mild modesty *ahem*, that we also offer
● Exceptional, express international and domestic (overnight delivery!) shipping services
● A team of the most friendly professionals that are on the ball at providing personalised styling tips and advice, and won’t stop until they’ve looked after all your lingerie needs.

… but we are so, soooo much more.

We also understand that you are not just ...
● ...a pretty face?
● ...a curious mind?
● A lingerie lover / addict / shopper / observer of brands
● On the lookout for any ordinary Australian lingerie brand or label
● A basic gift giver - you like to leave an impression for every event. We’re talking
birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s - you’ve got it covered.

You are so, sooo much more.

Okay, real talk. Our beliefs.

Should you be able to express your sensuality with loads of choices, choices, choices?


We’re talking about a diverse range of unique, luxury pieces.

The most seductive lingerie sets, classic bodysuits, sweet babydolls, playful costumes, elegant corsets, bondage pieces, suspenders and accessoriesElevated everyday essentials, styles for a special occasion. We’ve got it all.

We’re talking about stand-out, limited edition, handmade lingerie styles.

We’re talking about new lingerie collections. Every. Single. Week.

Should you have these choices at the ready, whenever you want, wherever you want, and you

should have them ….say, now?

Um, totally!? Free express international and domestic shipping here we go! (Super fast next day or overnight delivery for most areas in Australia)

Should feeling beautiful and feeling empowered come with a hefty price tag?

Nooo! It should be affordable.

And finally, should you feel bad?

Nope, nope, & definitely, nope.

… and that is why we created Cloud Club. Just another reason to feel good. We’re talking exclusive offers and deals. The more you spend, the more benefits you reap.

This is our mantra, the juice, the pulp, the crux of who and what we are. This is the motto of what we serve at Cloud Blvd. It’s what we do.

Empowerment is a right.

It’s not that guilt-laden, naughty little treat you sneak in after a main meal. Empowerment is and should be the main course. So let’s not make it a ‘guilty’ pleasure…

Where are we?

Come visit and meet our sales team in the flesh. A beautifully opulent lingerie boutique just waiting to cater to your needs. Get to know us!

Come on over.

Our lingerie store is located at the heart of Sydney’s CBD, SO reachable through public transport!

No such thing as LONG distance.

Not a Sydney local? We’ve got you covered! Our team can attend to all your lingerie needs & enquiries at all times, no matter where you are around the world. We’re on it all! Reach us through Instagram, Facebook, email or online chat - we’re always ready to help.

Take it online, or take it to real life. Get to know us. Let’s meet and see where it takes us. We don’t make empty promises & we promise you one thing.

You’ll never be bored.

We’re Cloud Blvd & it’s nice to meet you.

Xx CB Girls